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Properties and Applications of Galvalume Steel Coil

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1. What is Galvalume Steel ?


Galvalume Steel is often applied to daily life as an important alloying material. Galvalume Steel is composed of aluminum-zinc alloy structure, consisting of 55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 2% silicon solidified at 600  high temperature and composition, the entire structure is made of aluminum - iron - silicon - zinc, to form a dense quaternary An alloy crystal body.


2. Features


Galvalume Steel has a lot of excellent features: strong corrosion resistance, three times than that of pure zinc; zinc surface with beautiful embossment, can be used as plates outside the building.

A. corrosion resistance:

"Galvalume Steel Coil," mainly because of corrosion protection of aluminum.When zinc is subject to wear, it will form a dense aluminum alumina, to prevent further corrosion inside.


B. Heat resistance:

Aluminum-zinc Steel has good heat resistance, can withstand more than 300 degrees Celsius, is similar with high temperature oxidation resistance of aluminum plate, and often applied to chimney, oven, and a fluorescent luminaire cover.


C. Heat-reflective:

High heat reflectivity, is double of galvanized steel, people often use it to make the insulation material.


D. Economy:

Because the density of 55% AL-Zn is smaller than Zn, so in the same weight and the same thickness of the gold layer, the area of GL is 3% larger than GI.


3 Application

Construction: roofs, walls, garages, soundproof walls, pipes and modular housing and other vehicles: muffler, exhaust pipes, wiper accessories, fuel tank, truck boxes and other home appliances: refrigerator back, gas stove, air conditioners, microwave oven, LCD Borders, CRT-rimband, LED backlight, electrical cabinets.  Agricultural usage: Other barns, sheds, silos, pipelines and other greenhouses: off heat insulation cover, heat exchangers, dryers, warm water, etc.



Storage: indoor storage, keeping dry and ventilated, do not put in acidic climates. When outdoor storage is necessary then prevent the rain, avoid condensation caused by oxidation of the stain produced.

Transportation: Avoid external impact, SKID was required to support coil, reducing stacking, good rain-preventing measures.

Processing: While COILCENTER shearing, the same aluminum lubricants was needed. When drilling or cutting required Galvalume steel,need timely clean up scattered iron filings.

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