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Steel is stablely raising after Chinese festival

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NDRC said steel building materials, nonferrous metals and other advantages resouces begin going out by large-scale production ; mining giant Rio Tinto current earnings were cut last year, the whole group profit into loss. Black commodity futures fell consolidation, billet prices continue to rise 30 up to 1630 yuan / ton, steel stoct market prices rose significantly. Most businesses have returned opened, but the terminal procurement requirements have not been fully activated, market transactions deviation. But billet prices continued strength, the business mentality of optimism, combined with inventories still remain low, short-term market price of steel will be stable and inflation.

On 17th domestic plate market prices continue to rise, the country's 23 major markets 20mm medium plate price reported 2025 yuan / ton, 18 yuan / ton higher than the previous price. Shanghai market probe plate prices also rose , the supply side is still tight, today's market prices will continue to rise. Beijing, Tianjin plate market prices rose slightly, by the strong influence of the surrounding market, businesses will strong price increases, the price today will run on the strong side.